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How to get huge numbers of followers on Twitter!

Twitter Ads

Twitter offer their own advertising platform. 3 methods are available - you can promote your tweets, promote your profile, or promote trends. The 3 methods enable different ways of targetting your message. This type of advertising works particularly well when you combine it with something like a contest or other event/promotion which will grab people's attention.
Promoting your own profile is perhaps the most direct method, but promoting tweets or trends allows a more diverse, content-based way to gain brand awareness and visibility.


A contest always generates interest - especially if you offer a desirable prize! Always make sure that the rules of the contest are clear. Try to target your contest promotion to aim at the type of user who will be interested in what you or your company are doing and tweeting about.
Try to think of something innovative for the contest prize - a desirable item like an iPad works, but how about something like a holiday, day trip tickets, or a one-to-one meeting with someone that would be of interest to your target market. Offer a main prize, as well as some 2nd and 3rd place and smaller prizes so that more people can benefit from the contest - these do not need to cost a fortune. Some branded merchandise can work here, if you wish to promote your brand. Try to make the merchandise something that will appeal to your target audience eg USB flash drives with your logo if you are promoting something IT or internet related.
Use a hashtag whenever you tweet about your contest, or whenever you mention it in any other material. Something like #wincoolthings or #freeipad would work, use your imagination.
Tweet about your contest, and consider twitter advertising (see previous article). Blog about your contest if you can - this is an excellent method as the blog post can explain the contest in more detail, as well as providing another promotion point. When you tweet about your contest, provide a link to your blog or other webpage explaining the contest in detail. Share information about the contest through your other social media such as Facebook or Google+. Finally, consider posting information on relevant forums about your contest. Tweet updates and continue promoting while the contest is running - eg tell people how many people have entered, how many days are left, etc.


Set yourself up in several directories, being sure to file yourself under the correct section of interest.There are lots of Twitter directories - just google them and pick a few of the top ones. Some examples are,, and Put as much information as you can in your listing and choose relevenat keywords/categories!
You should see some activity from these sites fairly quickly. If you're using Twitter's build in follow tracking, you'll get details of which directories have referred your new followers.

Mention your Twitter when you blog

Maintain a blog if at all possible - we'd recommend using Blogger. Mention your twitter account when you post, and link to it from your header or navigation menu. Discuss Twitter in your blog posts occasionally - the ways in which you use Twitter, who you follow, and what you like and dislike about how Twitter works.
Don't forget your call-to-action - ask people to follow you!
As with your Twitter posts, your blog should be well written and relevant. And it should stand out!

More tips coming each day - add us to your bookmarks!

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